Keila Harris (Keila Harris ) Member Since 28, Sep 2018

Years of Work From Home Experience as a VA ( Virtual Assistance), CSR, Data Entry, Management, QA Assignments, and various other projects. I also have worked for major companies from home such as Intuit USA & Canada, Apple TS for iOS Devices, and Amazon. I'm very dependable, easy to work with, and you won't regret choosing me on your project.

Contact Information

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Skill Set

Social Media Management
Virtual Assistance Duties
Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
Customer Service
Home Office
Data Entry

Work Experience

Amazon at Natchez, MS , Currently working here.

Future Unity Network LLC at Natchez, MS , Currently working here.


APUS Studied Real Estate Management

  • I studied at APUS from 06-Feb-2016 to 02-Sep-2016.
  • Studied Real Estate Management