Asrar Shah (Musicians) Member Since 20, Sep 2015

Being an active conductor of large instrumental groups such as Symphony Orchestra and Gibbs Chamber Orchestra, I have been exposed to the various ensembles such as chamber, jazz and percussions. For the past three years, I have worked as a jazz piano teacher and have had the opportunity to teach improvisation and jazz theory to students between the ages of five and sixteen. With a special focus on aural labs and functional keyboard application, I have had considerable success in assisting students in understanding traditional music theory.

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Skill Set

Good time management and flexibility
Confidence in front of an audience
Stamina to perform at their best for long periods of time
Perseverance and Determination
Technical skill in their area of specialisation
Musical ability and talent

Work Experience

Athenaeum Theatre at UK, Worked as Musicians

  • I worked at Athenaeum Theatre from 01-Sep-2010 to 01-Sep-2012.
  • Worked as Musicians


Olive Tree Music Studied Music course

  • I studied at Olive Tree Music from 01-Sep-2010 to 01-Sep-2012.
  • Studied Music course