About Us

GetPaidByTheMinute.com is an online classifieds platform that allows job posting and job seeking from around the World in one convenient place.

Features include:

  • Create an account as a company or an employee
  • Companies can add their business details and post jobs 
  • Employees can add their work experience, skills, education, and complete portfolio for companies to review
  • Companies and Employees can connect
  • Connected users can see contact information and communicate
  • Companies can hire Employees and leave ratings
  • Employees can work for Companies and leave a rating as well
  • Feature your listing
  • Get notified when someone post a job, applies for a job or leaves a rating
  • Mobile friendly resposive design for easy navigation
  • Social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin

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Contact us at info @ getpaidbythemintue.com