How it works? is an free online classifieds platform that allows job posting and job seeking from around the World in one convenient place.


We provide two types of accounts, company and employee.



With a company account you can post jobs, connect with other professionals and hire the best people from around the globe.



With an employee account you can manage your portfolio online, make business connections, update your resume and get hired by companies. As an employee you can add your skills, work experience and education to your portfolio so the companies can review easily.


Both accounts companies and employees can connect with each other by paying $2.00 (new account come with Free $100 Credit). 

Connected members can see contact information and instant message.


Job Tracker:

With Getpaidbytheminute job tracker you can find jobs using Google Maps and track experts/jobs for you for at any location. For example, type a location (New York/Brooklyn) and the keyword (dog walker) and you’ll find what you need.